Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer is here! We are all doing great, always busy and "on the go".
Lucas has been very busy building pools and we are in the process of creating a website.
Stella and Sam are growing so much everyday. Sam is now 8 months and is starting to crawl. He adores his sister and they play well together. Stella loves to take care of Sam. She brings him toys and loves to give him kisses. It is precious to hear them laugh at each other in the car, they just giggle and giggle.
Sam is a big boy! He weighs 25 pounds and wears 18 month or 24 month clothes. He is only 3 inches shorter than Stella. Many have asked me if they are twins!
Stella is now 22 months and talking up a storm. We are potty training and she is doing great! I have a sticker chart on the back of the bathroom door and she just loves getting stickers. She can count to 10 and loves to sing her ABC's.
And me.... I am loving every moment of being a mother to these beautiful, precious babies. I adore my sweet husband and treasure watching him with our children. He is so good with them.
Our sweet friend, Laurie, took these pictures in our neighborhood. She did an awsome job and I so appreciate her time! Thank you Laurie!