Saturday, July 11, 2009


Our summer is flying by! We can't believe that our little girl is almost 1! She is getting so big and turning into such a precious little girl. I am so excited about getting her first 'professional' pictures taken at Magnolia Mound Plantation . She is crawling on all fours all over the house and we think she will be walking in the next month or two. We completed swimming lessons and she did great! She loves to get her face wet and go under the water.

We had a wonderful trip to Destin, Florida with the Firmins! Stella wasn't too sure of the sand at first, but enjoyed playing in it by the end of our trip. We also went on a sunset dolphin cruise and Stella loved the boat! We keep tons of sunscreen on her, but she tans so well. When she stretches out her arms all her creases are super white! Too cute!

I have been very busy with my new business, "Chez Jenny" at the downtown Farmer's Market. It is going great and I am in the process of setting up a website. I will be at the market again on the 18th, and we would love for everyone to come out!

I am now 28 weeks pregnant and this pregnancy is flying by! The new baby will go into Stella's nursery and we are busy doing Stella's new room, of course with the decorating help of Paboo! (I will post pictures when it is completed.)

Stella's first time seeing the ocean!
Stella and Daddy

We set this baby pool under the tent, to keep the babies out of the sun. Here is Stella and her cousin Ava playing with their toys.
Hanging out in the condo, wearing Daddy's hat!

Waiting for the dolphin cruise.

Stella loving the wind !

This is so much fun!

She even got to "drive" the boat!

Mr. Randy & Mrs. Val

One night, Lucas and I took Stella to a Mexican restaurant. Outside of the restaurant they had these water shoots from the ground. Here is Stella and Lucas playing in the water.

This picture was taken on the dock of a great place to eat, called "Dewey Destin's". This was the only time it sprinkled while we were there.
On our last night in Destin, we went to eat at this great "hole in the wall". There was a one man band, which Stella loved to clap her hands and dance to. There were dollar bills with names on them all over the walls and ceiling, like many bars have. We put Stella's first dollar bill on the wall, and will go back next year to see if it is still there... and to put Baby #2's dollar bill up!!

Next song, please!

Stella's First Bar Dollar Bill

Stella LOVES cheerios. One day I went to put something in the car and when I tried to open the back door, the pantry door was blocking it. When I got in, I saw that Stella was apparently hungry for her favorite snack! The whole box!

Stella and Daddy playing in the sprinkler.

Mama and Stella