Friday, June 25, 2010

Water Play

It is officially summer.... and it is HOT! We have been cooling off with swim lessons at the YMCA and enjoying home-made watermelon Popsicles. Granny gave Stella and Sam a blow-up pool and they love to play in it together. Stella loves to swim and go under water. We hope she will be swimming by herself by the end of the summer (without floaties). Sam also loves the water... especially the water hose!

I can't believe Stella will be 2 in a couple of months! How time flies! Sam is crawling...very fast and ALL over the house. He now has 6 teeth and loves to put everything in his mouth. Now that Sam can crawl, he and Stella "chase" each other around the house.

I have been doing a bit of something new. I am on Day 33 of the program P90X! P90X is a DVD exercise program that is very intense and challenging. I wake up at 4 A.M to workout before the babies wake up. I already feel much stronger and excited about the results so far!

I hope you are all staying cool and enjoying your summer!

Mr. Handsome

"Here, Sam. You need your hat!"

Practicing back kicks.