Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sam's First Week Home

The "Firmin Four" are doing great! Baby Sam is a wonderful baby. He pretty much just sleeps and eats during the day, but likes to stay up for a couple of hours at night! Last night, we did have our first 4 1/2 hour stretch, so we are hoping for more nights like that!

Stella is adjusting well to having a little brother. She has called him "baby", but mostly calls him "dog". She is very sweet to him, touches him gently, and gives kisses on his forehead.

Lucas and I are so fortunate to have such wonderful family and friends. Everyone has been so supportive and helpful. We couldn't be more grateful and blessed.

Below are pictures of Stella and Sam's baby rooms. Sam's room is Stella's old baby room (another great reason not to find out the sex of the baby!). Thank you Paboo for all of your fabulous decorating help! You did a wonderful job and I love you so much!!

Stella's New Room... The picture above the crib was in Mama's first apartment as well as mine, we had it reframed in red. The butterflies are attached to the wall with magnets, so you can move and turn them any way you wish. More of the butterflies will be painted red, like the one to the left of the picture. The small rocking chair was my father's rocking chair as a little boy. The chair was given to me, from my best friend growing up, Mrs. Oakes.

My old collection of music boxes are on the shelves. Also, my sweet Aunt Joanie sent me her baby china that is also on the shelves. The red and cream boxes house Stella's Lego's and wooden train set. Stella loves music and loves to dance. The CD player currently has Fats Domino, which Stella and her Daddy love to dance to.

Baby Sam's Room

This is a table runner, that I painted while I was pregnant with Stella to go along with the animal theme.

These are pictures that I colored as a little girl of my Dad and Mama. We had them framed with a red background.

Sam and I spend a lot of time in the rocking chair! I painted the picture above the chair as well.


This is Zel. She is a neighborhood cat that loves to come to our windows. I thought this picture was very fitting for October!

Stella LOVES her cousin Ava! Here is a picture of the girls playing at Stella's table and chair set in her room.

Brian and Sam... Brian is Sam's Godfather and Randi Kay is his Godmother. Sam will be baptised in November. Sam sure is one lucky little boy to have such GREAT Godparents!

Last Friday night, we all went to La Fonda's with the Firmin's. We had a really good time! Stella loves to drink out of a straw and thinks she is such a BIG girl!

Daddy and Sam

Paw Paw and Stella

Stella and Ava had a wonderful time playing "Ring Around the Rosie" with Aunt Randi Kay.

Mo and Sam

Paw Paw admiring his little man.

Last Saturday, we took Stella to Leeward Park. Here are some pictures of our fun day.

Sam enjoying some fresh air.

Mama and Sam

Stella playing with her cup. (It was Sprite... not Budweiser. :)

Sam and Eli (Forest and Allison's boy) had their first play date on Sunday. Eli is one week older than Sam. I am so excited about them growing up together! Eli is adorable and the spitting image of Forest!