Friday, February 12, 2010

After Stella woke up from her morning nap, it was snowing! She was so excited that we hurried and bundled her up to let her go play! It was so cold that she didn't stay out for long, but sure did have fun!

Let's see if I can catch one!

Stella loves her brother Sam! She is so sweet to him. She loves to say his name, which comes out "Sham", "Samaaa", or "Saaame". Here is a picture of our adorable babies playing on Sam's mat.

Baby Sam got tubes in his ears and his adnoids removed last week. Everything went well, but he got a cold shortly after the surgery, so he is still pretty congested. Being sick hasn't stopped his growth! He weighs 20 lbs. and is 27 inches long. He is too long for most of his 9 month clothes! He loves to laugh and smile and he is starting to roll over.

Handsome Boy!

Last Sunday we went to the Diversion Canal in Port Vincent, LA. We just wanted to get out of the house and started driving. Stella is talking up a storm and everyday she says more and more words. She is starting to say short sentences and absolutly LOVES to talk on the phone. When I ask her "Who lives with Granny?" she says "Lindy!". When we got to the Diversion Canal and she saw the river, she screamed "water, water, water!".
Stella being VERY patient in the car!

Stella playing with a dog.
The dogs' owner gave Stella a Mardi Gras bead that she just had to put on Sam!

Pretty Girl

Mrs. Kathy Hoffman gave Sam this adorable hat. Stella loves to wear it and put it on Sam! So cute!