Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Growing Little Girl

As a first time mother, I find it amazing to witness Stella's new physical and mental developments. I am so blessed to be able to be the mother to this precious child.

She reaches for all objects, including Lindy, and brings most of them straight to the most important thing, her mouth! She cut her first tooth, the bottom left, on the day she turned 5 months. Stella has always been very strong! Just this week she can sit up for a few minutes, without assistance, before falling over. At this age, they begin to "scoot" on their bellies, she "scoots" but the opposite way, backwards!

When I was pregnant I was so excited to put the car seat in the backseat. I believe the seat was in the car ready when I was 7 months pregnant. When I would drive around town, I would daydream of our new baby being in the back seat. I would even pretend to "talk" to the baby and adjust my mirror to see our "baby"! Yes, I was very excited!! Now, it is so funny because I am not the one "talking" to Stella as we drive, but Stella is the one "talking" to me! She babbles, coos, and laughs every time we are in the car. Stella now recognizes her name; when Lucas or I call her in the car she turns her head to look up at us (she is facing backwards) , with a look on her face saying, "Yes, I'm here, can't you hear me?!"

Stella is eating very well and likes everything I have made for her (squash, apple, pear, peas, butternut squash, sweet potato, asparagus, and carrots). I love making her food for her! It is very easy, takes no time at all, and I know exactly what she is eating, all organic or locally grown, no preservatives, etc.

I am also teaching Stella sign language. The books I have read say she will not master the signs until around 8 months. The signs I am teaching her now are "more", "eat", "milk", and "please". Every time I give her the sign for "more", she kicks her feet and opens her mouth... well, I guess she does that for pretty much every bite. Like I said she takes after her Mama!

Many have told me, "This is not your child, but God's child". Lucas and I know this to be true, but I must say, God blessed us with one of his most precious children, as we are ever so grateful and humbled. I do believe Stella's late Granddaddy (my father) was holding, calming, and laughing with her in heaven before she came to us.

Mr. Randy and Mrs. Val gave Stella her first "original" Radio Flyer red wagon for Christmas. Lucas put her yellow Bumbo chair in the wagon so she could sit. We pull her down the street and she is fascinated by every mailbox we pass.

Beautiful Stella

Stella sitting by herself!

"Look at me!"

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stella's First Christmas

SNOW DAY IN BATON ROUGE. This picture was taken about 20 minutes after it started snowing. The snow was a nice treat and Lindy sure didn't know what to think of it!
Lindy trying to figure out why her ball is so cold!
Stella's First Picture with Santa. I handed her to him backwards so that she wouldn't get upset. She loved the fluff on his sleeve.

Stella got a lot of fun toys for Christmas! Here are a few of them! Mrs. Val and Mr. Randy got her the dragon on the bottom of the pictures. He opens up with lots of balls and she just loves it. There are more pics of her playing with the balls below.

Christmas morning we went to Mom's house and Marla came over for breakfast. Marla got Lucas Playboy Cologne! Just had to take a picture!
Marla gave her a Madame Alexander doll (Granny did too!) Here is Stella giving her doll a kiss!
I like all of my new toys but this green paper is the best!
Stella helped upwrap her present.

Picture with Daddy wearing one of my pretty Christmas outfits. (Thank you Rose!)

Last week we started Stella on real food. She has been having rice and oatmeal cereal for a couple weeks now. I made her sweet potatoes and green peas. She is a very good eater (must take after her Mama) and is good at using the spoon and swallowing.
These sweet potatoes are great, but I can't wait for the powdered sugar!

Yum, Green Peas!!
More peas, please.