Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stella's First Christmas

SNOW DAY IN BATON ROUGE. This picture was taken about 20 minutes after it started snowing. The snow was a nice treat and Lindy sure didn't know what to think of it!
Lindy trying to figure out why her ball is so cold!
Stella's First Picture with Santa. I handed her to him backwards so that she wouldn't get upset. She loved the fluff on his sleeve.

Stella got a lot of fun toys for Christmas! Here are a few of them! Mrs. Val and Mr. Randy got her the dragon on the bottom of the pictures. He opens up with lots of balls and she just loves it. There are more pics of her playing with the balls below.

Christmas morning we went to Mom's house and Marla came over for breakfast. Marla got Lucas Playboy Cologne! Just had to take a picture!
Marla gave her a Madame Alexander doll (Granny did too!) Here is Stella giving her doll a kiss!
I like all of my new toys but this green paper is the best!
Stella helped upwrap her present.

Picture with Daddy wearing one of my pretty Christmas outfits. (Thank you Rose!)

Last week we started Stella on real food. She has been having rice and oatmeal cereal for a couple weeks now. I made her sweet potatoes and green peas. She is a very good eater (must take after her Mama) and is good at using the spoon and swallowing.
These sweet potatoes are great, but I can't wait for the powdered sugar!

Yum, Green Peas!!
More peas, please.



Anonymous said...

Waaaaaaayyyyy too adorable!!!!!!! Stella, you have just got to meet your new cousin, Taylor. Your two girls will just love each other!!

Love you all,


Val said...

Stella, you just get prettier each day!!!!!!! The picture eating peas looks like Lucas - only he would never eat peas. Such a happy baby!
Ms Val

joanie said...

Such cute pics! You were so lucky to get such a pretty Santa for Stella's first Christmas photo.
How lucky is baby Stella to have two Great-Grandmothers and to get two Madame Alexander?!!
Glad Stella is loving her veggies!