Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stella's First Birthday

Our little girl is now 1 year old! My, how she has changed and grown throughout this last year.

She had a wonderful birthday, but she didn't care too much for the sweets! (She must be taking after Lucas on this one, because that is definitely not a trait from her mother!) The morning of her birthday, I made her a blueberry waffle, strawberries, with whipped cream on top. She didn't quite know what to think of the cream, so she ate the strawberries and waffle around the cream. We went to eat sushi (cooked for me) for her birthday night dinner with Paboo and Granny where Stella enjoyed fried rice and playing with chopsticks. We also celebrated with the Firmin's on Sunday and opened presents and ate cupcakes. She had many "happy birthday wishers" and I thank you for thinking of our precious girl on her first birthday.

How our girl as grown up!
Blueberry Waffle, Strawberries, and Whipped Cream
Uncle Forest & Aunt Allison came to visit and brought Stella a "Leap Frog" firetruck. She loves to push it all around the house!
Pushing my firetruck!
The "sushi guys" created this display with Stella's cupcakes. They came out with bongs and drums, singing "Happy Birthday". (This was the same place we took Paboo for her birthday last year if you remember the video 'Happy Birthday Leroy').
I don't know what to do with these things, but I just LOVE them!
I thought Stella would just dive into the cupcake and was so excited for to get the icing all over her face, in the hair, and everything! Instead, she put her arms and hands way out to the side, and very carefully put her mouth to the cupcake, as not to get "messy". One taste and she was through, so of course I ate it for her! lol.
Mr. Randy and Mrs. Val gave Stella a precious wooden, stacking choo choo train, large Lego's, and this adorable book sack. Before we know it she will be going to Kindergarten!
Mama had to put this icing on my face!

Stella LOVES animals of all kinds, especially dogs and her stuffed giraffe, elephant, and zebra in her room. So, Lucas and I decided to take her to the Baton Rouge Zoo. She didn't know what to think of the 'real' animals and preferred viewing them from afar. We had a great time and she really enjoyed the train ride.
The first animal we rushed to see was the giraffe and he was very close to the fence. This is the first picture.
This isn't anything like my giraffe at home...

and I don't like it one bit!

Taking a break from the giraffe's and enjoying a snowball.
More please...
Stella and Daddy looking at the elephants, that were very far from the fence.
Ready for the train ride.

This is so much fun!
Mama, Stella, and Daddy
Stella, as most kids, loves boxes. Lucas joked that for her next birthday, we should just get her lots of boxes for her to play in!

Enjoying my first sucker at the fruit stand.
The baby in the belly is growing! I will be having a scheduled c-section during the last week of September. So, I have about 7 weeks left. We are transitioning Stella into her new room and she is doing great. She has been taking her naps during the day in her new bed and tonight will be the first night that she will sleep in her bed all night. We have been very busy getting everything organized for the coming of the new baby, which I know will come before we know it!


Anonymous said...

Oh my GOSH!!!!!! TOOOOO PRECIOUS! That child is toooo much! Jenny, you look BEAUTIFUL, glowing!

Love and many kisses,

Great Susan and Great Doug

Anonymous said...

Stella gets more beautiful as the months go by. I just love the birthday picture with the toothy smile. So precious
Faye Wall McKee

Elizabeth said...

Sooo cute!! And my birthday is September 28, so if you could have baby No. 2 that day that would be great! hehe

Mom said...

I can't stop looking at my baby, Stella, and you know I see her most every day. These pictures are wonderful!
I love you,
Mama (Paboo)

joanie said...

Stella is beyond adorable!! I really don't think she could be any cuter! Now, I'm thinking she can't possibly be Patti's grandchild if each and every one of those cupcakes didn't have a finger swiped through the icing.... no, definitely not related to our Patti!!
Love all the photos! Please post more often, I miss seeing new photos of that sweet little face.
You look great Jenny! So happy for you and Lucas.
All my love.

Shelley Scott said...

Too Cute!!