Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays

We send our warmest wishes to all during this holiday season!
A special thanks to our dear friend and neighbor, Laurie, for taking these beautiful pictures of our family in our neighborhood. I think that these pictures are classic Louisiana, with the pond and moss in the background. The weather was also slightly warm during our photo shoot, which gave us a nice "glow".

The more "realistic" family picture! (also notice Sam's hair)


Anonymous said...

Doug and I can't stop laughing!! That HAIR picture and your comment was tooooo funny! ALL the pictures are wonderful though, especially the one of y'all kissing each other!!!!!!! Precious, precious family!

Love you four so much!

Great Susan and Great Doug

Anonymous said...


Stella is absolutely adorable and Sam is positively scrumptious! That hair is fabulous!! Look at your mother's baby pics. Sam has hair like her's. He is sooooooooooo precious, what a cuddle muffin!

Many kisses and hugs,
Great Susan