Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We went to the Livonia parade with Lucas's sister Amanda, Gene, and cousin Ava. The parade was small but very sweet. We all had a really good time and Stella enjoyed catching her first Mardi Gras beads!
Stella wearing heart glasses!

Stella just had to put the glasses on Sam too! (We think we looks a bit like Elton John here! :)

Holding Sam while he takes a nap.

We are still in the process of putting up our fence that fell during the hurricane. This is our gate that we designed (the top of the post will be cut down), but we will have to do something with the bottom so that Stella and Sam can't climb through. Stella loves to climb the gate, of course with her Daddy's help.

Jenny & Lucas

When I was pregnant, I met a girl named Jenny at the produce stand and we became fast friends. We were the same weeks pregnant with our 2nd, and she has a little boy, John Patrick, that is a few months older that Stella. We have so much in common besides both our names being Jenny. We both used to be teachers, both drive Saturn Vues, and live right down the street from each other. Her baby girl, Catherine, was born the day before Sam, so we were in the hospital at the same time! Stella just loves John Patrick and he is absolutly adorable. Here they are watching Micky Mouse!

Sam is getting so big! He weighs the same as Stella... 21 lbs! He is sitting up on his own and loves to roll over. He was a little slow to like baby food, but is now eating very well. Just as I made all of Stella's food, I am also making Sam's food. (Asparagus, Peas, Butternut Squash....)
Stella LOVES to color! We are also teaching her colors... she can recognize and say the color blue. She also loves to count and sing her ABC's. Her is a picture of Stella coloring....sometimes it is the floor, in this picture she was trying out her foot!
Sam sitting up!
Last Friday, the weather was just beautiful so we decided to head to the New Orleans Zoo. We picked up Paboo and had quite the car full, as I was stuffed in between the two carseats. We ate lunch an excellent Lebanese cafe' that was a definite locals favorite. Sam sat in a highchair for the first time and just loved it! He was so enthralled with all that was going on at the table.... "So, this is what yall do up here!"
Sam looking at his Paboo
My pretty mama showing Sam Chicken Shwarma.

Stella watching the flamingos
Stella looking very cautiously at a snake.

Mr. Blue Eyes

Sam wore his lion hat to be with the theme of the zoo!
Mama and Stella looking at the giraffes.

Sweet Girl
Daddy helping Stella climb on an old live oak tree.

Stella and Sam had so much fun sitting on an animal statue. Sam just adores his sister!

Sam laughing.

Last Saturday, we went to the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Our good friend, Dina, came with us to the parade and we had a great time. (Lucas built Dina's gunite pool.)
Stealing a kiss.

Dina, Stella, Lucas, and Jenny

There is a boutique here in town called "Stella". We were standing at the perfect spot for me to get this shot.
Stella on the swing at our favorite park.

Sam enjoying the beautiful weather and a little wind in his hair!
Handsome Boy!
(Please excuse the drool we are about to cut our bottom teeth.)
Stella and Sam


Anonymous said...

I CAN'T stand it!!!! Sam is just toooooooo adorable and Stella is too!!! Sooo obvious that they are sister and brother. I want to hug them both and kiss them like crazy!!!!

Love you all,

Great Susan

The Family Crump said...

I agree with Susan! They look so much alike! They are so adorable! Loved all of the pictures!!!

joanie said...

Love all the photos! Too cute!
How fun that you and Jenny are leading parallel lives right down the street from each other!

joanie said...

the "stealing a kiss" photo soooooo reminds me of a Jenny & Joanie photo from years ago!!
sweet, sweet memories....
love you,

Evelyn Figeroid said...

Love your have a beautiful family!
from Janice's cousin Nancy and Evelyn