Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's been a while since I have updated our blog! We had a wonderful Christmas, and hope that all of you did too! We are doing great! Stella is now 2 1/2 and Sam is 17 months. He is ALL boy and VERY busy! Sam weighs 5 lbs. more than Stella and is only about an inch shorter! Stella is ALL girl, loves taking care of her baby dolls, and everything princess and pink! They are so much fun!
Mr. Randy and Mrs. Val gave Lucas and I a trip to stay at Monmouth Plantation in Natchez, MS last Christmas. We went to Natchez in November and had a wonderful and relaxing time...and so enjoyed "our" time away from the kids for 24 hours! :) We had the BEST tamales at "Fat Mama's", did a little antiquing, visited Longwood Plantation, had dinner at Magnolia Cafe' and were in bed for 8:00! Thank you again Mrs. Val and Mr. Randy!
Jenny & Lucas at Longwood Plantation

Christmas was wonderful! Stella and Sam were not to fond of Santa, but enjoyed the lights and decorations!

Sam & Stella at Paboo's house

Stella's beautiful Christmas dress
Sam and Stella playing Marla's piano!!!
The Boudreaux and Thibodeaux float for the Christmas parade.
Jenny and sweet Granny
Sam and Stella have so much fun going to the park! We often go to Leeward park, but lately we have been going to the new Perkins Rd./Kennilworth BREC park that recently re-opened by our house. The new park has a skateboarding park, children's park, rock climbing wall, BMX trails, walking trails, and a lake.

Lucas and Sam
Sam watching the skateboarders. He often wants to walk/run right into the action!

This one, of the many, very cool play climbers for the older children.... and adults if you ask Lucas!! :)

Serious Stella taking in all the action!
It started to rain about 20 minutes after I took this picture!

Lucas with Stella and Sam.
Stella blowing kisses!

Cute Sam with his hat on!

Stella loves, I mean really loves her baby dolls! They all have names, and one of her choosing must come with us wherever we go. Let me introduce them! (from left to right) Joanie, Jenny, Susan, Ann, Mary, Jasmine, William (Sam's boy baby), Rachel, Lily, Rose, Kim, Brittany, and Stella. The other day Stella told me that Baby Joanie was in time out for biting Baby Susan!
Visiting Daddy at work!

We go to Walmart almost everyday, often just for the entertainment of the buggy cart! When they are sitting in the cart, I most often get "Are they twins?".
Playing in the leaves!
Sara Lott recently got married to a wonderful, sweet man... Adam Carpenter. Sara was a gorgeous bride and the wedding was so much fun! John and his wife, Michelle were able to come in town for the wedding. It was so special to have everyone together!
Forest, Granny, and Allison

Jenny & John
Jenny, Michelle, and Allison


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! Love all the pictures!! What a BEAUTIFUL family!!! Stella and Sam are just gorgeous!! You can tell from pics that they both have a precious personality!!

I'm glad that mama Stella punished baby Joan for biting sweet baby Susan!! I am glad that Mama Stella punished her!! So funny!!

John looks great and his wife is lovely!!

Love you four,

The original Susan

Anonymous said...

Jenny, You have an absolutely beautiful family. Susan is so good about alerting me when you have updated your blog. I love keeping up with Stella and Sam; they are both so precious. Please don't tell the Fermins, but I think their looks can be attributed to their Wall genes. On second thought, their daddy is sure good-looking. Your second cousin, Faye Wall McKee

The Family Crump said...

They are beyond precious! We need to check out that park one day!

I love Sam's hat! What a cutie pie.

Hope to see y'all soon.