Saturday, October 25, 2008

Luke's Pool

STELLA ROLLED OVER TODAY!! She was on her stomach and rolled to her back! She rolled over 3 more times, then she was tired. I tried to get it on video. When I do I will post it!!

Luke has completed his first gunite pool! It looks great and everyone is excited! Ready to swim?!!

Stella & Paw Paw

We put together Stella's Jumparoo this week and she just loves it! She loves to look at the lights and reaches for the little animals!

LOOK AT THOSE LASHES! No mascara needed here!

Stella laughing before our morning walk.
Looking up at Momma!


joanie said...

WOW! Mista Luca's first pool is FABULOUS!! Congrats! Very impressive!
Love the eyelashes & love the happy baby!
xoxox to all!

gi gi said...

I love my baby gigi