Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stella 10 weeks

Stella is now 10 weeks old! She is really focusing now and is very alert! She is also staying awake longer and sleeping through the night most nights. She LOVES to sit up and is always looking around. Here are some pics!

Wild hair!

Wearing her new hat for an early morning walk

My two babies taking a nap!

Our little ghost!

Enjoying lunch with Aunt Shelley!

Luke's new pool sign! Anyone want a pool?!


joanie said...

That is the most precious little "ghoul" I have ever seen!!
Mr. Lucas's new signs rock! A big improvement over the x-rated tshirts!!
xoxox to all

Anonymous said...

What a doll baby, as Mamaw would say. It appears she has inherited her Paboo and Forest's hair as a baby. hehehe

If I was going to have a pool built, I would positively call Lucas Firmin no matter where I live. I hear he is a realllly cute guy too!

Love you alllllllll,

Auntie Susan

Allison said...

She is beyond fabulous!! Hope to see you guys soon.

Lucas, your sign looks great. I hope to see lots of them around town! But x-rated tshirts??? ...I must have missed those...where can I get one???