Friday, November 21, 2008

Stella has been sick with a cold and now has an ear infection, but she is getting better everyday! She is the BEST sick baby, not fussy at all! She is developing everyday and it is amazing to see her discover the world around her. She is grabbing objects and has a strong grasp on them. She takes her pacifier out and tries to put it back in, sometimes successfully! She hasn't moved an object from one hand to the other yet, but we are working on it! She is also very vocal, loves to "talk" and always laughs. We are very blessed! Here are some pics from the last two weeks.
Stella and Dad at Ninfa's

Stella and Daddy

Stella sitting on her bumbo chair and enjoying the beautiful weather

Having fun in her jumparoo

Stella's Rock star Mohawk

Stella grabbing her favorite fly

I think I got it!
Getting ready to go downtown to the farmer's market

We don't let Lindy lick Stella on the face, but I caught this shot when Lindy didn't know I was watching!


Allison said...

Jenny-I just want you to tell you were always beautiful before, but now you have a new "glow." It's stunning! Glad to see a few pictures of you on here! Hope sweet Stella is feeling better soon!

joanie said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Allison! You really are glowing Jenny! Hope baby Stella feels better soon. I love the photo of Lindy & Stella! You can tell Lindy loves her! too cute!

Anonymous said...

Just toooo wonderful, that little girl and her Mama and Daddy. The whole family so beautiful and looks so happy!

Love you all,


Paboo said...

Lindy and I agree, Stella's drool is delicious!

Anonymous said...

Jenny, I can tell by reading your blog that you are an excellent mother. Yes, God has given you and Lucas a precious gift. I think she's in very good hands. By the way, she is absolutely beautiful!

Stella's third cousin, Faye

Christie said...

Awwww Shaaaa.... She is too cute and so precious!! I just wanted to say that I love your blog... Good Job!!

Christie Brouillette
(Stella's 1st Cousin once removed)