Saturday, November 8, 2008

Stella's First Haircut

Stella is now 3 months! She has some crazy hair and even has a mullet in the back! So, Paboo and I took her to get her first haircut. She was very good and enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror. Here are some pics!

I'm Ready!

Look at me!!

Bye Bye mullet!

My fingers are so good!

I love my new hair!!

How's the back look?

Pretty Girl!

Aunt Shelley and Shaun at Paboo's house on Halloween


joanie said...

"A mullet in the back!" Too funny. OMG Jenny, these pictures are too, too sweet- they made me cry! Love the new do! You too look so pretty and happy J! My heart is so happy for you.

Shelley & Shaun are a cute couple!

Anonymous said...

Oh NO!! I can't stand it! Stella is just tooooooooo adorable!

Aunt Susan