Monday, December 29, 2008

Four Generations

Four Generations
Granny, Patti's Mom, came to visit Stella from Washington State! Granny has pictures of Stella all around her house and she said that she felt like Stella was looking at her and telling her "Come See Me!". We are so glad that she came and we all had a GREAT time! The picture below is of Four Generations. We took this picture at the restaurant "Texas de Brazil" where we had a wonderful meal.

Pictures from "Mi Padres" Mexican Restaurant
Lucas and Granny
Granny came to our house for dinner. Lucas was getting his wet suit ready for the next day to get in a few pools to replace the drains (it was very cold!) SO, we just had to have him try it on for us! Here is a picture!Stella laughing in the morning!


Anonymous said...

All pictures are great!!! The 'Four Generations' is beautiful, Lucas in the wet suit priceless. :)

Love you all,

joanie said...

Jenny- love the 4 Generations all together! What a special picture for Stella to have.
Mista Lucas lokin'good!
Stella laughing in the morning is precious!