Saturday, February 7, 2009

We are pregnant!! Lucas and I are very excited to be having another child! Stella and her little brother or sister will be able to grow up so close together. Our family also has more wonderful news, Forest and Allison are pregnant too! I can't believe that my brother and I will have children the same age! I am 6 weeks pregnant and she is 6 or7 weeks, so very close together! The picture below is of our first sonogram. The baby is measured from each cross and is only 2mm long right now. Lucas and I were so excited to tell our families our news. I ordered a shirt for Stella that says, "I'm going to be a big sister!", and of course we were dying for it to come in. Mom and the Firmin's were very surprised and excited. It is raining babies!!

"I'm Going to be a Big Sister!"
and I am SO excited about it!

Just tickled pink!

Below are pictures of Stella playing with her ball outside.

Our Pretty Girl

Paboo got Stella her first swing. We hung it under the tree house. She just loves her swing and as she swings, you can see that it tickles her stomach!

Notice the cute bib! Thank you Aunt Joanie and Uncle Dan!
This is so much fun!
We are about to replace our roof. Hurricane Gustav did minimal damage to the roof, but it is very old and needs replacing. Before we replace it, we decided to remove two very large trees close to the house. The tree on the right leans over our bedrooms, so we thought it best to remove them before our next hurricane season. The company we hired did an excellent job. They were from San Antonio, so I thought they would appreciate a good lunch of Chicken Enchiladas with a Tomatillo Chili Salsa, and they did!
(The next project is a wood fence.)
Stella and Mr. Randy watching the excitement.
Chicken Enchiladas with Tomatillo Chile Salsa with Pico de Gallo & Cilantro

They gave us this really cool piece from the base of the tree.

Lindy enjoying the sun and tree dust!

Aunt Rose's beautiful granddaughter, Sophia, came over to see Stella. Stella wasn't feeling too well during the visit, but she loved to looking at Sophia.

I was very inspired my Marla Stewart's February issue (thank you Marla!). The issue had tons of mouthwatering cupcake recipes, so I have been making cupcakes like crazy. These are Chocolate cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Icing.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful that Stella and Sophia will be friends just like their grandmothers! Sophia is soooooo adorable and obviously Stella thinks so too!

I do the same thing and make lunch for workers at my house sometimes. Yours looks wonderful and those cupcakes, yummy! How come Lucas is not fat yet?

Love you all,

Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

Jenny-Poo, you make me so hugry for all that good Mexican food and cup cakes--- I'm coming down to get some as soon as I can---
Great Granny

Elizabeth said...

Yay Jenny! Congratulations! I can't get over how precious Stella is. I'm adding you to my blog list now. :)

joanie said...

Congratulations to you & Lucas & baby Stella! We are so happy for you! And so very thrilled for Forest & Allison! It "is" raining babies!!
Love all these new pics! That is the coolest piece of wood from your tree. Oh, I shouldn't have said that, now your mother will want it... do not let her have it! You are so cute to make such a gorgeous lunch for your SA workers! I'm sure they were very impressed with the meal and your thoughtfulness! I loved the pictures of Stella looking at Sophia- so precious!
And those cupcakes... you're killing me!
love you all so much, j.