Monday, March 2, 2009

Our family has been very busy! Our little one on the way is now in week 9, has a strong heartbeat, arms and legs, and is 1 inch long! Stella is growing everyday and is now 7 months old! She is clearly saying her 'd' and 'g' consonants, "da da da" and "ga ga ga". She has the sweetest little voice and we love to hear her "talk".

Sunday in the Park

We took Stella to the local park. It was a beautiful, windy day and she loved playing in the sand, and trying to eat it!

"Is there a problem officer?"

Stella and I went to eat lunch with Marla and Sara. We had a really nice time and Stella and Marla even dressed alike!

Lucas and I love to go downtown on the weekends and look at old buildings, homes, and our local sites. Below is a picture of Stella and Lucas on the Baton Rouge levee. The ship in the background is the U.S.S Kidd.

This is a really cool, abstract painted wall near the levee. I love that Stella is pointing to 'Baton Rouge'!

Lucas and I both love to swim so it is very important to us that Stella feels comfortable in the water! Last Sunday, we took her to the indoor pool at the YMCA to swim. She loves splashing in the bath, but this was her first time in a real pool (or as Lucas told her, a really big bathtub!) There were a lot of kids playing with beach balls and having a good time. She loved watching them and loved the water!

Everything goes in my mouth!
Stella puts everything in her mouth! She will try to eat books, toys, blankets, even Lindy! Below are some pictures of her trying to eat the blanket on our bed.


Anonymous said...

Oh my GOSH! That child is toooooooo wonderful!

Hey, you didn't email to say you had a new posting!!

How are you feeling??

Love you all,


Anonymous said...

Stella I LOVE your sexy new bathing suit-- Your hair is almost ready for a clip, it looks like it is growing real fast now!!
Love you Baby-Doll----Granny

for the love of a house said...

I love all the new photos! Every single one is soooooo cute! You all look so happy! Stella is such a doll!
xoxo, j.

for the love of a house said...

Confession time.... I keep coming back to look at these precious pictures again and AGAIN!! I "LOVE" them all. I especially love the photos of Stella and Lucas. A girl and her daddy... it doesn't get any better than that!
xoxo, j.

Mandy said...

She is growing so fast!! She has Jenny's stare and eyes! I love to see you all doing so well and so happy! Love and miss you!