Friday, April 17, 2009

8 Months

Welcome Home Granny!
This past Saturday, Granny moved to Baton Rouge from Washington State. We welcomed her at the airport with a sign and balloons. We are so glad that she is finally here and now we are just waiting for her very large truckload of furniture and "stuff" to arrive this week!

Here comes Granny!

Stella excited to see her Great Granny!

Granny's balloons at her new house!
Cathy Bernhard sent Granny this beautiful bouquet of flowers! Granny just loved them!

Saturday night, we had a great dinner at Mama's house. Stella saw Granny's desert and in her hands went! So, we let her have a little bit of whipped cream. Yum Yum!

April 19th was Marla's 83rd birthday! We had cake and ice cream at Aunt Susan Lott's house to celebrate. Here is Marla blowing out her candles.

Marla and Stella

Stella loved playing with the ribbon!

Our Little Bunny!
Stella with her bunny ears and carrots ready for the "Bunny Hop"!

"Is there a bunny in here?"

Easter Sunday before church

The Firmin Family
Stella and Mama

After church, we went to the Firmin's house for a crawfish bowl! Here is a picture of Stella and her cousin Ava.

Stella loves water. Her walker has a tray in the front, so I fill it up with water and let her splash away!

Stella has learned to clap and is just starting to wave. We are also working on her sitting up from a laying position. I apologize for the video's being sideways; they are so cute of her clapping!


Anonymous said...

Oh my GOSH!! Those videos are sooooo PRECIOUS! What a clapper she is!! Yeay!!!! Stella's pics are absolutley adorable!! She is sooo beautiful!

The pics of Great Granny at the airport and with the ballons and sign, made me cry. It looked exactly like I imagined it! Thank you for such a lovely homecoming for Mama!

Jenny I think you are getting even prettier with each child you have!!!

your anonymous Aunt ;)

joanie said...

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny! Those are the cutest pictures ever! That was so sweet of y'all to be at the airport to welcome Granny to her new home in Baton Rouge.
Happy Birthday to Marla! She looks great! Love the bunny pics of Stella (sans the one of her picking her nose!) I adore the photos of your precious family!! And the videos- too, too cute and funny! I loved hearing Mr. Lucas' voice in the background! Thanks so much for sharing!
Love you!

Ally Carlson said...

Hey's Ally Mazilly (Carlson) from PBS! Hope you remember me. Anyway, I saw you had a blog from facebook, so I'm pumped about it. I have one to and would love to share it with you. Stella is so beautiful!!! Seriously she could be a baby model! So how are you! Congrats on the baby on the way!