Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stella 7 months

On March 7th, Stella, Paboo, and I did the Susan G. Komen "Race for the Cure" walk at LSU. We went along with several women (two of which are breast cancer survivors) from Mom's neighborhood. After the walk, we went downtown to eat breakfast at Christina's. We had a great time and I was so glad that Stella could participate in such a big cause.

Before leaving the house
Stella's adorable pink bunny ears

Paboo and Jenny

The Women of Windermere (the tall woman in the back with the hat was not part of our group but appeared in different places in all of my pictures!)
Stella taking a nap after our walk

It is now official! Stella has now become a "bow head"! I held off for a long while on putting bows in Stella's hair. Her hair was so dramatic and special as it was I didn't see the need of putting a bow in it, but the time has come! She looks so cute in them that we are rarely leaving the house without one. And I didn't go for the little small "baby" bows either, we went straight for the big ones!

Stella gets her bath, has a bottle and then goes to bed. So, her hair is a little damp when she goes to sleep. She has been rolling all around in her bed at night which created a very interesting hairdo the other morning. We call it "The Wave"!
"How do I look?"

Stella loves Paboo's Garden. She loves the flowers, plants, and especially the pond! Also I painted her toenails the other day, which went perfect with her dress! Oh, and of course the bow!

My favorite picture of all!


Anonymous said...

OKAY!!!!!! If Stella was any more adorable I would SCREAM!!!! We see baby cousin Taylor this weekend and I bet she is already a bow head too! Of course, Stella has painted toes!! All the girls in the family do!!

Love you all,


Paboo said...

My Stella,
I adore you. You make me smile everyday.
Your Paboo

for the love of a house said...

too, too cute.
I love you all, j.